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Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am a free e-book addict. I confess this, not in an effort to cure my addiction by outing myself, but just an introduction to fellow readers stumbling across my blog.

So, how did I find myself sliding down the slippery slope that is an addiction to free e-books? It began during my second pregnancy. I had recently re-discovered my childhood love of reading, the library, and all things text as I renewed my library card in order to share the wonders of the library with my nearly 2-year-old daughter. But as this renewed passion for the written word was taking hold, I also knew there would be hardships – after all, how on earth did I think I was going to keep up with a toddler while also hauling an infant and have any time to peruse my local library?

(A brief aside here to note the reasons for the lapse in my reading history, as it may shed some light on my free e-book compulsion. I quit reading because it becomes quite expensive and also creates a lot of clutter when you’re always out to buy the latest book in your favorite series which isn’t necessarily offered by your small local library or the book that’s just gotten an excellent review that’s never checked in due to being one of a very limited number of new books at said library. Not to mention the disappointment when that book with the excellent review just sucks and you’ve paid 10 bucks or more for the print copy.)

But wonder of wonders, technology had already heard my cries for free reading material. It came in a more manageable format than overflowing bookshelves and boxes of books, and I wouldn’t even have to leave the comforts of home to find it. I could even check out books from my local library with the touch of a finger on a screen! I downloaded a free Kindle app on my husband’s smart phone right away and began exploring a whole new way of visiting the local library. I was in love with this easy access new reading material, and soon I had placed an e-reader on my Christmas list.

By the time Santa arrived with a Kindle Fire HD, I realized that the meager library of around 700 free e-books that I could access with my local library card wasn’t going to satiate me for very long. It was nice, and indeed, it sometimes gave me access to one of the latest and greatest reads. However, I began to consider the possibility that perhaps my Kindle hadn’t solved all my literary woes … yes, I could still access new-to-me books in my pajamas, and build a library without needing to increase my fire insurance. But if I was still buying books, either this was going to cost me a lot of money or my Kindle was going to be gathering dust just like my shelves full of books that weren’t worth reading more than once (because seriously, I don’t think second-hand bookstores exist anymore).

That’s when I began scouring the Internet and came across the solution. I found several sites that would send me daily lists of the “best” cheap (and often completely free!) Kindle e-books.

My Kindle library now consists of over 400 books, and I haven’t paid a dime for any of them. Topics range from adventure tales to anecdotes, from business to booty calls, from cookbooks to Christianity (no, I won’t make you read through the entire alphabet!), and from zombies to zoo animals. As my addiction has grown, I’m now adding upwards of 10 titles a day, more reading material than I’ll possibly ever lay eyes on.

And thus, I have become an e-book bum.


3 thoughts on “About the reader

    1. Thanks for the re-follow! I’m very interested in your blog and thinking of a blog soon on some flash fiction, rather than ebook fare! I’ll never in my whole life get to all of the free books I already have on my Amazon account (they would vastly overflow my Kindle, too!). But it’s an addiction, nonetheless, to keep looking at them and acquiring them although I already have more than I can read. Maybe someday I can make some money at blogging rather than a full time job and will thus have more time to just sit and read. A girl can always hope …

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