Loved it to Death!

Reading time is still coming at a valuable premium in my household, but I’m thankful for being able to find some really enjoyable free reading, when I do manage to find some coveted time with my Kindle.

Sunday I managed to finish my latest read, “Graveyard Shift,” by Angela Roquet, described on the cover as a “A Lovingly Sacrilegious Journey Beyond the Grave.” As promised, it simply didn’t seem appropriate to review this novel on a Sunday afternoon.

Although it may have been a bit rough around the edges, I found this first novel in the “Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc.” novels to be an enjoyable introduction to a new fantasy realm I had never imagined before. Harvey is a reaper, one of a series created from soul material to assist “Grim” himself (who actually doesn’t do the dirty work himself, anymore). A familiar cast of characters appear in a new light throughout the novel, from the archangel Gabriel to the god Horus to Holly Spirit (no, that’s not a typo, rather a correction).

After three centuries as a reaper who has gotten by flying just under the radar, Harvey learns that perhaps she was created for a purpose just a little bit more unique than her counterparts. This first story in the series sets the scene for the series as she reluctantly accepts her new role and finds herself in a bit more trouble than she could have ever imagined.

At first, I found reading just a bit slow. But I still felt like I’d hit upon something of value in my free reading. I’m much more likely to continue a series that I feel would be of interest to both myself and my husband (two readers for the price of one!) than to simply buy a book for myself.

But as I got into the real meat of the book, those thoughts were forgotten. Roquet has artfully created a new paranormal fantasy realm re-purposing familiar characters in new and delightful roles. She skillfully wove a tale full of intelligent conflicts and following through with sometimes surprising resolutions. Roquet left just enough stones unturned to leave the reader eager for another romp through Limbo City without feeling actively manipulated to buy the next book in the series.

With that said, the ending of this first novel also felt a slight bit stilted.

I do look forward to reading more in the “Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc.” series; and hope that Roquet has found that storytelling voice which provided such an enjoyable read in the heart of this novel and carries it through from beginning to end in future installments in the series.

This book won’t appeal to a very religious reader, but those who enjoy science fiction and paranormal romance are likely to enjoy the series. Covers of the second and third books compare the series to the “Sookie Stackhouse” novels or the “Undead” series, but I would draw a larger comparison to Jim Butcher’s “Dresden Files” novels.

Now off to get the husband hooked, so I can better justify buying the next books!


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