What you find is not always what you’re looking for

Another busy week around my house had me searching again for a humorous short story for my Saturday review.

That wasn’t really what I found in the book I selected, but I came away satisfied with a good read, anyway.

After a searching the Kindle store for short humor, I finally settled on “Six Impossible Things” by Renee Carter Hall for today’s reading. The cover art reminds me of a CD cover for the band Cake, which I really enjoy and can be quirky and off-beat in their humor, so I had really high hopes for a little laugh-out-loud comedy to lighten my mood.

According to the description on Amazon, this book includes, “A new father is visited by his childhood imaginary friend. A woman falls in love with a cartoon character. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse show up at a big-box retail chain. Sometimes humorous, often poignant, and always memorable, the six short stories in this collection may just make you believe impossible things.”

Although I didn’t find the light-hearted comedy that I was searching for, I did find a beautifully written, moving set of short stories. They mostly left a smile on my face, although I came closer to crying than I did to laughing in reading these short stories. Hall’s stories had a magical sense of nostalgia about them; they truly embraced the spirit of childhood dreams.

This is definitely a great free book for any fan of short fiction. I’d have even been satisfied with a purchase at the regular digital list price of $.99. I find it unfortunate that Hall doesn’t seem to have made more use of Kindle Direct Publishing or other easy sources to make her work available on digital format, as it seems only around half of the works on her Amazon page (which also includes a number of anthologies with other authors) are available in digital format. I hope she’ll consider releasing more short story anthologies in the future, because I found myself capitvated by this one.


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