Another unsettling short

After a hectic week, I realized that I’d barely even started any of the larger collections of short stories that I have on my Kindle awaiting review. But a search for short stories later, sorted by lowest price, added some new free reads to my collection and provided a topic for my leisurely Saturday blog.

I selected “The Snow Owl” by Jon Hartling. Without revealing the entire plot of this very short tale, it is a well-written story of a very mysterious young boy and his relationship with his father. I found it to be quite touching, though slighty disturbing, and I connected with the story deeply as a parent.

Hartling’s words left me wanting to read more, longer stories. A second selection, “Firebug,” is also available for free on the Kindle, and two other titles are available for 99 cents, though I really wouldn’t pay for stories so short.

All four short stories were released in 2011, then Hartling seemed to fall off the grid. I was so touched by his words that I did a quick Internet search to determine what had happened. In his last personal update on his Facebook author’s page, he mentions that he is working on a young adult fantasy novel (the first of a promised trilogy), but is busy in his personal life. However, this was in April of 2012 and his last Facebook post was in May 2012.

I do hope that Hartling returns to the pen (or the computer, as the case may be) at some point, as his stories are quite enjoyable.



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