“This Doesn’t Happen in the Movies” but it does on your Kindle

Another week of illness and insanity around here, which has kept me from finding much time to blog. Good news is, I actually have had a little more time than usual to read, so I have a little bit of catching up to do with reviews!

One of my recent reads was “This Doesn’t Happen in the Movies,” by Renèe Pawlish. I really enjoyed this lighthearted detective novel that pays serious homage to film noir. From the attractive but not-quite-innocent client, to the subtle humor and twists throughout, I found this novel full of antics worthy of the silver screen, but they translated just as well on the black and white screen of my Kindle. Reed Ferguson and a healthy cast of supporting characters come to life in this introductory novel to the Reed Ferguson Mystery Series.

As previously mentioned in my review of “Plucking One String” by Kris Knorr, I’m a huge fan of Garrison Keillor. I found the similarities between Reed Ferguson and Keillor’s character, Guy Noir, quite delightful.

While this book may not appeal to those seeking a more serious mystery, fans of film noir, James Bond, or lighthearted mystery should definitely not pass this opportunity by. “This Doesn’t Happen in the Movies” is still available free on Amazon at the time of this blog post.


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