Traditional Versus Indie Publishing

A great blog with thoughts on indie vs. traditional publishing, and one that I found to be very timely in regard to matters I’ve discussed on my blog – with the high cost of some books from traditional publishers. Unfortunately, going the traditional route removes the author’s ability to control pricing (and reduces their sales, if their works are priced out of the market). And it’s not likely that they’re seeing a better return on their works than an independently published author, although they do gain more promotional tools (although social media can really do wonders to step in and feel this gap, too). Hope my followers also find this take on independent publishing as interesting as I did!

Jo Robinson

It’s amazing how much spam builds up here when you’re not around for a bit. What the heck are raspberry ketones, and why so keen to spam me up with them? Anyway. Day two of my four day holiday, and my plan is to make a vat of chilli sauce and prune my petunias. I’m having way too much free time to ponder though, so I might just get back to work instead. I’ve been pondering my need to do everything myself all the time. I definitely have control issues. I don’t like being in any situation where someone other than me gets to decide what happens in my life these days. Sometimes these things are unavoidable, but I still don’t like them. That’s probably why I’m an Indie writer, and proud of it. I’ve never sent out a query letter, I never will send out a query letter, and…

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