Charitably free reading

After starting several other titles on my “reading list” of books that I’ve designated to be the up-and-coming reads for my blog, and deciding that none really matched my current mood, I found myself drawn once again to my #kindlesteals list of free books that are regularly priced $4.99 and above.

In this latest foray into my #kindlesteals list, I came back with “The Giving Game” by Merri Lee Marks. Regularly priced at $9.99, it is still free at the time of this blog post.

Part memoir, part charitable-social-networking how-to, part “Real Housewives” and part exposé, “The Giving Game” is a non-fiction work that gives the reader insider information on the world of high-society charitable giving. I enjoyed the easy reading style which merged a feeling of investigative journalism by including quotes and references to other sources with flowing narratives.

Anyone vaguely familiar with the world of charitable organizations (even just the small local PTA) can identify with the women and scenarios described in these pages, whether they, too, live a fast-paced life in a large market full of haute couture or simple small-town folk. The concepts are equally applicable, regardless of scale.

With the success and popularity of such TV programs as “The Real Housewives,” I find this book to be written in a style that it could be not just a non-fiction, but also a pleasure read for the right woman. And for those women who might feel overwhelmed by the uncharitable situations they may find themselves in in the name of “charitable giving,” this book is an indispensable how-to for navigating the complex social maze of women’s organizations. I doubt there are many men who would enjoy this book, although any who are fans of “The Real Housewives” or who are seeking a better understanding of what social pressures their wives may face in the name of organizing the family’s charitable giving might check it out.

According to Amazon, “The Giving Game” is Marks’ first book. I hope to see more in the future, either in a similar non-fiction style or possibly some fictional offerings drawing on her experiences and writing skill.


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