Short Story Saturdays

With two little ones and a full-time job, my reading often consists of short stories, simply because I want something that I might actually be able to finish before jumping up to do another task.

I’ve decided to work this into the spirit of my blog by introducing a new feature, “Short Story Saturdays,” where I’ll commit to featuring either a Kindle single or short story collection each week.

To start, I’d like to highlight a short book of essays, “A Trip to the Hardware Store and Other Calamities” by Barbara Venkataraman. I picked this book up as a freebie back in March, but it’s available now for 99 cents.

This collection of vignettes seems to be pulled directly from Venkataraman’s life, but they are told with such smooth prose that they feel like short stories. Or chatting with a friend, dishing out some favorite tales of what has happened in life.

I completed the book in around an hour of reading, but all in all, I don’t think 99 cents is bad for an hour’s entertainment.

According to Venkataraman’s author page on Amazon, she has a number of similar volumes I’d definitely consider them for future reading, and would be sure to snatch them up if they ever cross the freebie lists.



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