Susan Spira shares happiness with all ages

A few weeks ago, a short book of observations and life-lessons caught my eye amongst the Kindle freebie lists. The cover art was beautiful, and I thought it would be a fun “purchase.”

I vaguely recognized the author’s name, Susan Spira. I recall thinking, at the time, “She must be one of those big-name motivational speakers or something.” I thought no more of it until one morning when I was looking for something to provide a little quick reading that I didn’t need to make a commitment to.

The morning I first opened “One Liners for Life” was a really hectic morning for me (hence, the reason why I was looking for a few words of distraction that I could look to without the commitment of concentrating on chapters or even paragraphs of text. Many of these simple phrases spoke to my heart, brought a smile to my face, and even helped to put the burdens of my day into perspective. In her introduction, Spira expresses her hope that this will be a book that readers will return to time and again when they have need of these little gems of advice – and I honestly believe that for me, it will be.

Without intending to read the entire thing in one sitting or even realizing I had, I was finished. Not to say that the book is overly short – I believe it’s a very nice length for the type of book that it is. Rather, I found myself immersed in Spira’s spirit of happiness and lost track of the time.

At the end of the book, Amazon’s suggestions helped me realize why the name was familiar – she has also written some of my very favorite children’s books on the Kindle, the “Tinky” books. The two books currently in our collection, “Tinky’s Magic Cookies” and “Tinky and the Dragon” are beautifully written and illustrated tales that promote kindness, helpfulness and sharing. Picture books about dogs are always favorites in our household and the “Tinky” tales rise to the top. These are also some of the picture books best formatted for the Kindle of those I have found.

I’ve gotten all three of these selections free for Kindle at different times. “Tinky and the Dragon” is currently free at the time of this blog post. I certainly appreciate Spira for freely sharing her generous happiness with readers. I look forward to reading more of her works in the future, and may even purchase some of her other books for myself or children.

More about Spira can be found on her Amazon page here or on her website.


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