High-larious High-jinks

Through my Twitter base, I recently discovered another free reading experience by author David A. Roberts. Roberts is working on an interactive writing project, “Mile High.” This was also my first experience with getting a free book from Smashwords, rather than directly from Amazon, as I’m usually very selective about my downloads (those who follow me on Twitter may have seen a recent conversation with an author regarding free reading vs. piracy). I’m not equating Smashwords with piracy, but I had previously limited my experience directly to Amazon downloads as this was my first experience with legitimately free books. Free books are awesome, stolen books are not, by the way! #piracyisnotfree

But I digress. The topic of this blog is “Mile High,” by David A. Roberts. The only fitting review of this book is that I am addicted! The protagonist of the series, David Allen, is a high-end (pun intended) pot dealer in Colorado whose livelihood is impacted by the legalization of cannabis. In the first volume, you meet David and his closest friends and colleagues, learn a bit about his process, and meet the first of what are certain to be a series of antagonists – a PI hired by a larger supplier to contact David regarding his special variety of weed.

My only complaint so far is that this volume is far too short! In the interest, I’m certain, of following through with the social aspect and allowing readers to make suggestions on where the storyline should go, this first volume ends on a cliff-hanger with David eluding contact with the PI, at least for the moment, after an intense chase.

As a work in progress, the work is a tad rough, but not enough to truly detract from the storyline. Not to stereotype or anything, but any fan of stoner humor isn’t even likely to notice.

I recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of stoner humor. And any general humor fan, or anyone who is interested in finding out what an interactive novel is about, who wouldn’t be offended by drug references and some light cursing.

As for me, I’ll be “highly” anticipating the next installment.


One thought on “High-larious High-jinks

  1. Thank you for your wonderful review. I’m in the process of finishing the second volume. Please feel free to go to davidrobertsonline.com/forums to discuss and help write the future volumes.

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