Previewing a new release

I’ve enjoyed Adam Carolla’s quirky sense of humor as far back as my high school days, when he appeared on “Loveline” with Dr. Drew. So when I saw a free preview for an upcoming book, “President Me” I was pretty excited, although I’d never read anything by Carolla in the past.

I was not disappointed. Whether this book is the actual written work of Carolla or ghost-written with his oversight, the sample chapters contain the same quick wit that I’ve enjoyed watching Carolla on TV. Other fans of Carolla will no doubt find this book delightful, as will fans of political satire.

I found Carolla’s point of view on the common man as president to be humorous and insightful. I loved the concept that Carolla puts out there that, “I want a president that thinks like me, but I don’t want them to be like me.” I’d never really thought of the idea of a “common man” president in these terms, but it makes a lot of sense!

The full version of “President Me” was released today on the Kindle. Although the free preview version that I got is no longer available, you can still sample a portion of the book for free before buying.

As much as I like Adam Carolla, I’m not likely to buy this book at full price. I’m adding it to my watch list for price drops, though. And Carolla’s other books, “In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks” and “Not Taco Bell Material” are both available for $7.99. Also available for $5.99 is “Rich Man, Poor Man.”


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