“Helpless” to resist a free e-book offer

As the mother of two young children, the short story “Helpless” recently caught my attention as one of the free books available on Amazon. It’s still free at the time of this post, and seems like this may be one of those long-term marketing offers to sell Rosie Lewis’ other books.

Lewis’ tells a poignant story through well-written prose about fostering a child in the first few weeks of life and the tugging of heart strings that came with relinquishing care of that child to adoptive parents.

Her story was really touching, though I really doubt that I’ll read any of the rest of her works. I really don’t relate, and while it’s a nice idea to know that her profits from the sales of her books will undoubtedly be helping to support the children she fosters, I won’t buy these heart-wrenching tales. That, and as I believe I’ve already mentioned a few times in this blog, I’m cheap.

But I would highly recommend Lewis’ as a writer for any readers who enjoy emotional roller coasters that will leave a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye. And I think her books would make great required reading for anyone considering fostering children, and would offer a nice perspective for those considering adoption, too, to give them a glimpse of the type people who may have shared a giant piece of their heart with a little bundle of joy until that child could find the right forever home.

Thank you, Rosie Lewis, for opening your heart and your home to children in need. And thank you for sharing your stories with us, so others can have a brief glimpse of the joys and heartaches of fostering.


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