Life Among the Lutherans (from a woman’s perspective)

Another series that employs the “first one’s always free” technique of marketing is “The Stories of the Lutheran Ladies Circle” by Kris Knorr. Recently, the first in the series, “Plucking One String” was the subject of my free reading project. (As an added bonus, while researching the author, I found it’s also available free for the Nook here.)

It was the “Lutheran Ladies Circle” which first caught my attention when “purchasing” this free e-book. As a huge fan of Garrison Keillor, both of the Prairie Home Companion radio program and his books, I hoped to find that this series would be similar. I was not disappointed. Knorr relays much of the same sense of humor that Keillor shares in his stories of the Lutherans. And what Knorr lacks in “hot dish” she makes up for with an ample serving of “Jello salad.” (If you don’t have a clue what that reference meant, this might not be the book for you. Or then again, maybe this book will be a whole new experience.) I was absolutely delighted to find a similar author with her own unique voice.

*BTW, you’ll find the recipe for “Heavenly Peachy Salad” at the end of this book.*

More than just humor, this is a poignant tale with well-rounded, relatable characters. Each woman deals with her own trials and tribulations; from rediscovering oneself after the loss of a spouse to moving on after divorce to unplanned pregnancy to growing old with style and panache. Each individual story is told through the lens of a woman’s relationship with the Lutheran church and its “lady’s circle”. By the end of the book, not only will they re-discover that God is “big enough” to help them shoulder all their burdens, but you might, as well.

I first opened this e-book seeking the whimsical tones of Keillor, but what I discovered was so much more. Knorr manages to weave that same brand of humor into a story that also includes threads of chick-lit and understated Christian highlights.

I loved “Plucking One String” and am very likely to continue the series at some point. I can’t imagine never revisiting Vera or Aunt Ula, or any of these lovely Lutheran ladies. Knorr has recently released a third installment in the series, and I look forward to many more to come.

Female fans of Garrison Keillor should get this book right now! And anyone else who enjoys light, humorous reading should be sure to check it out sometime too. There’s nothing to lose.

For a little more light humor and updates on her latest works, you can also find Knorr here on WordPress.



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