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The free (at time of posting) Kindle e-book “Liz Tells Frank What Happened In … ” is based on a blog by the same title ( The premise of said blog is that Liz started a blog when her friend Frank asked her to give him a synopsis of the popular television show “Bones,” should she happen to watch it, as he didn’t think he’d find the time to ever watch it, but apparently felt that there might be some situations in which he might feel socially inadequate were he not to have a basic understanding of the show’s major plot points.

After an introduction in which Frank asserts that he and Liz are indeed real people, we get into the heart of the matter – a collection of blog posts (at least a couple of which are about “Bones,” the show that started it all).

From the very first excerpt, I found myself enthralled with this unique commentary on pop culture, and I found that I picked up some interesting trivia on the subjects of her selected blogs, whether they were in reference to an unfamiliar phenomenon or something I had already experienced. The very first blog in this tome was in reference to Judy Blume’s “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” Now, as a woman who was once a teenage girl in public school in America, this is one pop culture reference that I might have felt I could skip. But I would have been wrong. You see, in Liz’s dedication to providing Frank with a complete set of talking points for any social situation that might require an authoritative understanding of literature to pre-pubescent girls, she actually re-visits “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” And it is not the same book that I read or that my mother may have even read in her high school years. Another “classic” altered for contemporary audiences? Who knew! Well, now Liz, Frank, the other followers of her blog or those who have read the first chapter of this book.

Liz’s dedication to filling Frank in on all the things he’d missed is such that she will, when necessary, re-experience a moment from the past to ensure that she provides the most accurate and current perspective. She’ll watch (sometimes re-watch) the most banal movie at Frank’s request. She’ll read (or re-read) anything from classic literature to children’s books, if it might provide pertinent commentary.

I really enjoyed this free e-book, and I’ll probably continue to follow Liz’s blog. However, since so much (if not all) of this content is available completely free online, my gratitude for a few hours of enjoyable reading, an Amazon review and this plug on my blog is likely the only re-payment Liz will likely receive from me, because, well, I’m cheap.

But a great big thank you, Liz!

Get your copy here.


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