In the beginning …

The inspiration for this blog actually came from some of the free e-books in my library.

I have pondered the concept of a blog for a while, actually. I have even started one a couple of times, but could never find my niche.

The concept began while reading a short story, “Free Kindle Books (Creepology)” by Creep Creepersin. The sub-title to this story is “How I Became the World’s Most Hated Man.” Of course, in my addiction to free Kindle material, I couldn’t resist a title such as this. After all, this volume might have been the secret to an even more vast world of e-book materials, and how would I know unless I had read it?

By the first few paragraphs, I realized that this was a tale about someone like me … someone who had become addicted to reading on their Kindle but had limited money to spend on feeding their habit.

This thought filled me with both hope (“I’m not alone!”) and more than a little dread (“What was so horrific about his free e-book addiction that would cause him to become the world’s most hated man?”). I worried that I was about to find out that Amazon was really pissed about bums out there like me who were building vast libraries of electronic reading material without also providing their electronic payment information. This was not the case of this story, about a very complex scheme for actually stealing every Kindle book in existence, but it lead to a lot of imaginings on my part of how my story might be only slightly different someday.

At the time of this blog post, “Free Kindle Books (Creepology)” remains free on Amazon.

Then I found “Liz Tells Frank What Happened in …”. As I was reading, I kind of enjoyed the concept of a book that gathered a number of the best of blog posts together. I’d never really read a review-themed blog before, either, and I found Liz Shannon Miller’s reviews of pop culture entertaining and a bit addictive.

The first book in a series, “Liz Tells Frank What Happened in …” is also still free on Amazon at the time of this blog post.

As I already mentioned, I have previously considered my own blog, even getting some pitiful single-entry starts, but I’ve never found a topic that I felt I could consistently deliver an entertaining opinion about. And then I thought of the darker side of my e-book scavaging, titles like “Bang! You’re Dead” of the Screw Senility series. While the title sounded like it might be an amusing read, after the first few paragraphs I just found this book vulgar and droll and it was awarded the honor of being the first of my Kindle “purchases” to be permanently deleted from my library. But the book has appeared several times on my daily e-book deal e-mail lists, probably due to a few glowing five-star reviews (paid reviewers, anyone?). And then there have been the near misses. I can’t recall the title, but I recall a limited-time free short-story with a front that was overlaid over an iconic cover of “The Catcher in the Rye” and had apparently caught some who purchased it blindsided with a pretty hefty price-tag (To the best of my recollection it was around $7.99 regularly.)

*As an aside, I just “purchased” “This Side of Paradise” by F. Scott Fitzgerald as I was searching Amazon to see if I could find the title of the story previously mentioned.*

For the curious (hey, I won’t judge you and it won’t cost you anything), “Bang! You’re Dead” is still available for free on Amazon at the time of this blog post.

So the wheels began turning. I’m addicted to free e-books and it’s an addiction I see no reason to stop at this time (other than the aforementioned imaginings that some day Amazon will send goons to my house to do really, really bad things to me for taking advantage of too many offers). Why not a blog reviewing my free-book finds … sharing which ones were still free, which were worth reading, and which weren’t worth wasting even one MB of your bandwidth.

I’ll review everything from classics to independent publishers, because as I am learning, the joy of “free reading” is that it spans all genres. So feel free to tag along on my literary (or at least “wordy”) journey as I share my e-book adventures.


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